Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy New Year: Easy Fried Rice, Stir Fry, and Potstickers

It's the Year of the Monkey!  In honor of Chinese and Vietnamese New Year I'll share some of my kids' favorites! 
Fried rice is a favorite for any meal of the day--including breakfast!  It's super easy and a great way to use day-old rice. 
Easy Fried Rice
Scramble 2-3 eggs.  I like to fry in a little sesame oil.  Remove to plate.
Add more oil and heat frozen peas and carrots.  I also add minced garlic.
Add day-old (or fresh) cooked sticky rice.  I like the big 25-pound bags of Homai rice sold at Costco.  A rice cooker is a must have--and I am not a kitchen gadget person.  When cooking rice you must first "rinse" the rice in a big bowl of water and rub off the milky-white coating.  You keep replacing the water until it is clear, then cook according to your rice cooker directions.  Using day-old rice is  easy, peasy and a great way to use leftover rice. 
Keep frying the rice/peas/carrots until the rice starts to get crispy.  You determine your level of crisp.  You also make it crispier if you add more oil (not too much!).  Keep frying the rice, stirring and turning as needed.  At the end, add the scrambled eggs back in, along with soy sauce.  Eat.  Enjoy!
Easy Stir-Fry
Another super easy dinner.  Fry any veggies you want in a little oil--I like sesame, peanut, or canola.  I sometimes use half sesame/half canola as the sesame can overwhelm.  Cook veggies on medium-high heat.  Add garlic and grated ginger.  Add a little water if needed.  At the end, add leftover chicken and soy sauce or oyster-flavored sauce (not my fav but my kids love it!).  I also like to add chopped up spinach or lettuce leaves near the end of the cooking. 

Incredibly Easy Potstickers

Buy a bag of potstickers.  Use while still frozen.  Place number desired in boiling water.  Once they start to float remove to pan with a little bit of warmed oil and fry on one side until crispy (don't try to keep turning because they are delicate after they have been boiled).  The Ling Ling brand comes with yummy sauce inside.  Easy!  Delicious!  Enjoy!

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