Monday, February 22, 2016

I Don't Want To Wish Away Today

Yesterday I was sitting on yet another set of gym bleachers, for yet another basketball tournament.   This year we only have three players, but in some strange mathematical formula it feels just as busy as last year. 
I love basketball and I love what team sports teaches our children, but as I started chatting with the mom sitting next to me we both agreed we're ready for the season to be done!  In the very next breath my friend lamented the fact that her older son would soon be playing his last high school basketball game, as well as graduating.  She's sad to see his high school years ending.  We both laughed as we realized that our conversation had just polarized!   We smiled at each other and agreed that even though we get tired, it's important to cherish each day, each season, each age.  Because this season really does end.  I should know that better than most.
I don't want to wish away my children's years.  I don't want to wish away whatever season we are in.
Today I'm thinking a lot about relishing each and every day. 

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