Saturday, February 20, 2016

Papa Cookie And The Shopping Trip

Being a grandparent is SO much FUN!  All those stories of how grandparents can spoil their grandkids?  TRUE THAT!
Our little Sweetpea is just a joy.  I wish she lived closer so we could spend more time together, but we take advantage of the time we have.
Cookie and Sweetpea's visit for the wedding gave Papa Cookie his chance to play grandpa. 
Now, if you don't know, Sweetpea is the one who gave Papa Cookie his name.  She knows HE is the baker in the family! 
For a while Sweetpea was quite shy around her Papa Cookie, so it was fun to see that melt away this visit. 
Hubby's been wanting to take Sweetpea to Build-A-Bear since last summer when they got all the way to the mall only to find it closed!  But this year?  Shabam!
First, a little backstory.  Most of our kids have had the pleasure of making their own stuffed animal, usually as a birthday gift.  BUT it stopped at the stuffed animal.  If they wanted accessories they paid with their own money.
It appears the same rules do not apply for grandchildren. 
Papa Cookie looked at all the animals with Sweetpea and she was stuck on the most expensive one.  Of course!  We soon found out that her particular choice was from one of her favorite shows--Paw Patrol.
It took a bit of convincing to show Sweetpea how to make her own animal, but Papa Cookie was ready! 
It took NO convincing for Papa Cookie to buy all the accessories to copy the display model.  And because Chase is a dog this included TWO pairs of shoes and TWO pairs of skates, along with the outfit, hat, collar, leash, and barking sound. It was in the box before we knew it!
Now if you think Build-A-Bear added up to Bankrupt-Your-Wallet you are correct! 
But some things in life are priceless! 

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