Saturday, March 19, 2016

Finding His Niche

Sometimes it takes awhile for a child to find their niche.  I expect all my kids to participate in some type of extracurricular activity.  It doesn't have to be throughout the year, but I want them to have something outside of school and home for at least one season of the year.  It can be a sport, activity, leadership, drama, music, club etc..  It's good for them in so many ways.  All of my kids have found at least one extracurricular they are passionate about--some have many. 
All except Vu. 
Vu tried many activities.  Coming into a sports-minded family he tried soccer, baseball, karate, hip-hop, and basketball.  He had a great attitude, but he wasn't crazy about any of them. 
He tried drama and drumming.  He liked them both, but felt nervous about performances and worried endlessly about forgetting his lines or missing the beat. 
I worried about Vu.  School is challenging for him and finding an activity he enjoyed proved equally difficult.  He has a same-age brother who seems to excel in several areas, and I worried Vu would compare himself in a negative way. 
My mom kept saying we needed to sign Vu up for choir.  Vu's dyslexia tutor kept saying we needed to sign Vu up for choir.  I kept thinking the same.  Indeed, Vu LOVES to sing and he has an incredible memory for lyrics.  He has a sweet voice and was known in his orphanage for his beautiful tone. 
So, in January, Vu auditioned for a community choir.  He was nervous, but he got in!  Last week he had two wonderful performances, one at a fancy-schmancy professional concert hall. 
And yesterday, he was moved up into the high school choir.  He's a tiny guy, so he looks out of place physically, but even he knows that his voice fits in perfectly.  He LOVES choir! 
As I watched him perform with pride and joy I almost cried.  Vu has finally found his niche!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Top O' The Mornin To Ya!

St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time to remember a trip last summer when Hubby went on a business to Ireland and Lizzy tagged along.

Highlights were the Cliffs of Moher, Temple Bar, Limerick, Dublin, and the Guinness Factory.

It brings back memories of 2003 when I tagged along with Hubby.

We did have a third wheel--Patrick.

Ahhh, life with ten kids and MANY years of babies!  Did I ever mention that I didn't like to leave my littles?  Patrick started his world travels at a young age.

Ireland!  What a beautiful country!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why I'm At Freshman Orientation. Again.

Patrick's had some rough days.  He hurt his knee in PE.  Bad.  But Dr. Myself was pretty sure it was just bruised and sprained.  Patrick had to pay the wait-and-see-penance before going to the doctor.  It was a doctor we hadn't seen before and she was a little surprised we hadn't come in right away.  I explained Patrick's #9 of 10 and that I consider myself Board Certified.  She didn't find my humor funny.  She probably thinks I'm Certified all right!  After repeat visits and x-rays she declared his knee bruised and sprained. 

I'm pretty smart.  Although I was surprised at his need for a brace and crutches.  Oops.

But I'm not always a bad mom. 

I went to Freshman Orientation with Patrick this week, which puts me up to attending eight times with eight different kids.  All at the same high school.

Interesting CrazyForKids Fact:  We will have at least one child at our local high school for a total of twenty-six years. Twenty-six years SOLID.  Our high school teachers never get a break from the CrazyForKids family!  I tell them it's called job security.  Some probably equate it to shock therapy.   

Anyhoo, when I chatted with the principal she laughed that I could have just stayed home and given Patrick the orientation.  She's right.  I could have.  But even though it's my eighth round, it's Patrick's first.  He's excited to attend.  And I don't want to cheat my younger kids out of the first-time, positive experiences their older sibling enjoyed. 

So I will sit through orientation again.  And again.  Because sometimes I'm a really good mom.