Saturday, April 30, 2016

Taking Time To Smell The Tulips

Spring is always a busy time of year and this year is the same.  It's been especially so with my job-share partner being out due to a medical issue.  You can always tell when I'm writing a bunch of homestudies because that means I don't create any blog posts--the writing portion of my brain is fried by the end of the day!

I'm happy to report that even though life has been busy, it's good.  We are excitedly awaiting Kim's new baby boy, and Will and Cupcake are also due with a baby boy in September!  Lots of excitement over the color of blue and baseball onesies!  And of course Hubby took the chance to buy some tiny black and orange Beaver gear!

We are finally coming to the end of our birthday season.  For my mom's birthday we went to the tulip festival.  It was SO incredibly beautiful and even worth the overwhelming traffic!

 Happy Spring!  I'm hoping to end ours taking more time to smell the tulips!