Saturday, May 28, 2016

Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave

I'm home this Memorial Day.  Unusual because we usually go to my parents' cabin.  But Vu got a concussion in basketball and is down for the count. Yikes!  And Kim is due any day!  Whoop!  We keep her happy with lunch dates and finally found her craving--green tea ice cream!

And we recently had Kim's Fan Club over for a baby shower.  Not the best photos but a wonderful event which included baby food testing, laughter, and a surprise guest from Arizona!

Being home this weekend I am especially thinking of those who have served our country.  Those who died serving our country.  And those who are currently serving our country.  I've prayed many, many prayers this year.  

We recently found this beautiful book at our library.  I guarantee you will cry!  It's a true story of love and kindness in the friendship of a WWII soldier and a little girl he meets in an overseas village.  It has an unforgettable ending!

We truly are the land of the free because of the brave.  

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