Monday, May 2, 2016

I Am NOT A Coffee Snob

You know my love for Starbucks, yes?

It's true.  Starbucks and I go way back.  I'm a Pacific Northwest Girl after all.

BUT, you will be happy to know I AM NOT A COFFEE SNOB!

No sirree!  I will drink coffee from anywhere!

Even . . . McDonald's.  Yes, you heard that right. (McDonald's and I go way back too--I worked there in high school.  Every person should have to work at McDonald's to learn many life lessons!).

I can be a cheap date--McDonald's coffee is only a buck.

BUT there is a key to making McDonald's coffee awesome.


And learn.


And then you know what you do with the remains of the cone?  This:

It's a win-win for everyone.  And only 2 bucks!

But since my granddaughter is rarely available in the back seat, I usually just have to eat the cone myself. The sacrifices I make!

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