Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Making it through the end of the school year.  Limping yet again to the finish line!  Conferences, projects, field trips, speeches, and concerts.

These two LOVE band!  Patrick continues to play the trumpet and Mei Mei the drums.  At the end of the year the elementary, middle, and high school all get together for a giant concert.  It's great to see how they improve.  I also love the final piece where nearly 500 band members play together.

I'm happy to report I survived being a chaperone for the weekend to a bunch of middle school boys. Whew!  Not sure I'm up for that again any time soon.  The sleeping on the gym floor was the easy part!  Lots of fun though with a Mariner's game, visit to a science center, ferry ride and Pike's Market.

I'm usually super excited for summer and this year I'm feeling like I'm not quite ready.  Time to sit down and figure out who will be going where, when, and how, make some goals, and keep some structure.  I'm definitely looking forward to more family time and a slower pace!

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