Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer Week One

We're having all kinds of summer fun over here.

Patrick is now the proud owner of a new set of braces!

Mei Mei has her second set of braces (unfortunately, orthodontics and clefts go hand-in-hand).

Vu is still wearing his braces:

I look into my crystal ball and see many visits to the orthodontist in my future!

Lan Lan got contacts.  This was actually round two.  We tried once before and no-can-do.  This time, with a very patient contact specialist, success!

And Patrick went to another orthopedic specialist to get a second opinion on his knee.  It's still causing him pain but the good news is the doctor concurs that it's "just" a bone bruise.  Apparently the effects can last up to two years!  Who knew?

And that tradition of getting a little fastfood after an appointment?  It's getting rather expensive!

She how much fun we're having?  And guess what?  I spent all my money now so there won't be any more summer fun!


We did make it to the drive-in.  I forgot that it doesn't get dark until TEN!  Just had to spend more money at the snack bar feeding the restless troops before watching Dory.  She's my twin who also suffers from memory loss.  At least, I think that's who she is.  If I remember correctly.

And OUR GRANDDAUGHTER has been here!  So, we've been soaking her in and loving some fun! Also seeing Cookie and meeting our newest grandson with ETA in September.   Sweet memories with Sweetpea and Papa Cookie, the science museum, library, playground, and Mickey!

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