Thursday, June 23, 2016


If you've read my blog for any length of time you know how I love SUMMER!  It's summer peoples!  S.U.M.M.E.R!!!

For me it means no homeschool, no homework, no speeches, no science projects, no IEP meetings, no THINKING!  And no driving to FOUR different schools!  (IF I really want to call out the pity card it was actually FIVE counting Kim's community college--she had car problems so often needed a ride).

Now, we can relax.  We can just stay up late, and sleep in, and lounge around, and let our brains rot out!

At least for a couple weeks.  Then I will pull my, "I'm not going to just let you stay up late, and sleep in, and lounge around, and let your brains rot out all summer long!"

But for now it's nice.  And much needed.  This year seemed especially challenging.

Now of course, I do have this thing called WORK.  But I'll let you in on a little secret.

Work + Nothing = Happiness.  Whereas, Work + Too Much To Do Too Little Time = Unhappiness

I'm probably a genius to figure that out.  I should write a one-page book.

Anyhoo, before I can totally check into summer I wanted to post some of the school year happenings.

Vu ended the year with a sprained ankle and then a concussion (basketball).  He missed most of the last month of school, but he's finally recovering.  He switched to a charter school this year and it has been a wonderful, perfect fit for him.  Lots of hands-on "expeditionary" learning, field trips, and he's made many new friends.

Mei Mei received a school award for self-control.  As you can see, she demonstrated it at the assembly as she RAN to receive it, nearly knocking over classmates!

All laughing aside, it really is amazing to see how far she has come since those first months home, when just sitting in a chair at school was a challenge.

She did two great speeches!  One on the Chinese Explorer Zheng He--super interesting and we found an awesome book!  And another speech about what it would be like to work at Disneyland (the pay isn't great but you get to work at the happiest place on earth!).

And she had a wonderful time at the Father-Daughter dance.

Our little girl is growing up!

Patrick had another band concert and a field trip to a college and art museum.  You might notice that he has grown an attachment.

Our kids aren't technically allowed to date until they're 15.  But I'm getting old and tired of enforcing rules.  She's a very sweet girl, so I guess . . . .

Lan Lan had a rough end-of-the-year in terms of final exams and finishing homeschool and public school classes.  Hubby is her social studies teacher and I'm her language arts teacher.  She's also taking online Mandarin.  For public school she had science, math, PE, and art.  So proud of how far she has come!  She also had a really beautiful ballet performance of Alice In Wonderland.

Paul finished his junior year playing golf and more golf.  I really hope he spent a little bit of time on those final exams.  He's still working at the golf course and loves it.  He also has a special someone in his life--photos to come.

Hubby had some big changes.  His workplace offered retirement packages so he surprised everyone by taking it!  He met the cut-off by two weeks.  He's hoping to spend the summer playing lots of golf, fishing, and spending time with the kids.  He likes to say he's retired, but he's already looking at new employment opportunities.  

We are definitely ready for some fun and relaxation!  HELLO SUMMER!!!  


Anonymous said...

hello summer!! And a huge congrats to your husband on his retirement - hope he has a wonderful summer with the kids!

To China and Back said...

" But I'm getting old and tired of enforcing rules. She's a very sweet girl, so I guess . . . ."

LOL (literally). I am right there with you.