Sunday, July 17, 2016

The New Bike

When we were visiting our son and his family we wanted to buy something special for the new baby. We went to a large store to look at strollers.  So many choices!  Finally, we found one that will be great for the new baby and Sweetpea will also have a place to ride.

In the process of deciding, Sweetpea and I walked around the store and came upon the bikes.  Oh me, oh my!  Sweetpea has been wanting a new bike.  And it just so happens it is almost her birthday!  I think you know where this ended up, yes?  She LOVED this bike because it had a basket AND a place for her teddy to ride in the back PLUS handlebar ribbons.

She also convinced us that she needed a new Minnie Mouse helmet.  She would hardly take it off to pay and immediately had the packaging taken off once purchased.  It was a challenge getting out of the store because she wasn't at all convinced that her bike was really in that small box!

Bike construction began immediately upon returning home.  Lots of supervision by Sweetpea.  I think she was still a little worried about the outcome!

In the end she was a very, very happy little girl!  

Happy Birthday Sweetpea!  It's a joy being your grandparents and spoiling you!  We love you!

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