Saturday, November 26, 2016

Camp Auntie Amber

I have a couple posts I still want to share.  It's still kinda summer, right?  I mean, it's Thanksgiving weekend, which means it's a holiday weekend with no school and today it was even warm enough for a hike.

Let's go with that.  On top of my ridiculous correlation, it IS a time of thankfulness and I am SO VERY thankful for family.  Raising our kids would be a lot more challenging and lonely without all the people around us who cheer during the good times and wrap their arms around us during the challenges.

This has been a good year.  Coming off some hard years.  And it was with thankfulness that my sister came up with a plan to watch our kids for several days while Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary.

CAMP AUNTIE AMBER is a time my kids will never forget!!  When Amber does something, she does it Texas style--big!  Amber is loving, creative and FUN!

We flew with the five youngest and the adventure began!

It was a grand adventure!  Because of work, Paul could only stay half the week, but he had a blast the days he spent at "camp."  Although there were many activities, my kids LOVED just spending time with their aunt, uncle and cousins.

And while they were "glamping," Hubby and I were on our own adventure . . . up next.

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