Saturday, November 5, 2016

Go To The Wedding, Go To The Funeral . . .

Go to the wedding, go to the funeral, stop at the lemonade stand.

These are some of the life lessons I've learned.  I will never forget how much it meant to have Joe's entire high school baseball team attend his funeral.  Or how much it meant to have people fly in from far off places--some only able to stay a few hours.  But they came---despite over-priced-last-minute-airline-tickets-nobody-can-afford.  Despite crazy, busy, full lives.  They came.  They showed up at life's lowest point.

And they came when there was joy--for Kim's wedding, surprise birthday parties, baby showers, and graduations.  These are the moments that weave our tapestry of life.  Each strand an integral part of the final work of art.  Each person adding a color all their own.

My niece was recently married.  Vu and Mei Mei were the lucky travelers.  What a blessed, beautiful, and joy-filled event.

Go to the wedding.  Go to the funeral.  Stop at the lemonade stand.

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Lisa Qualls said...

Such good and true words.