Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't

Last night was a real-life version of the show The CrazyForKids Family Grows Up.  We had planned to take baby KJ out for his first trick-or-treating with the other kids.

But as one child after another left with their own group of their friends, we realized we didn't have any kids at home to trick-or-treat!  Boo-hoo!

Luckily Lan Lan came home from ballet and was more than happy to make the neighborhood rounds. I love that our older kids still dress up.  I always welcome the big kids who come to our door--I keep big size candy bars for them.  Kids grow up too fast--let them enjoy the last years of childhood!

I did eventually get some photos of our Halloween crew (minus Patrick who dressed up like a fairy but forbid me from taking his photo.  Hmmm . . . he will dress up like a fairy, go running all around the neighborhood with all his friends for three hours, but I can't take his photo?).

I love that my mom dresses up!  She is so much fun!  And Paul dressed up to go get his half-price burrito at Chipotle.

And I have to show off how all the pumpkins turned out.  This is from this morning.

See how much time was put into the carving?  Ha!

Well, at least one kiddo saved the day and made me happy!

My kids are growing up too fast!

Just know kids that we have no problem replacing you--with grandkids!

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