Thursday, November 24, 2016

Why We Don't Have A "Little Kids" Table Anymore

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from our house to yours!  We had kids coming and going during the day, and some had to be connected with through facetime.

In case there are any questions about who does the baking in our family, I'll clue you in.  This is how my husband makes cookies.

And this is how I make cookies.

This is how I make pie.  (Hubby makes homemade pumpkin pie.) 

It's called time management peoples!  Don't judge me.  I have no patience when it comes to cooking. And I'd like you to know that box was not easy to open! AND on top of that I was supporting the band with their pie fundraiser.  So there!

All the kids actually got involved in the cooking this year, which was not only fun but helpful!

Our kids are getting older, but some time ago we quit having a "little kids" table.  It's a lot more convenient, but we learned from one of our older adoptees that they were never included at the family table in their foster home.  Just writing that makes my heart sob!  Orphans face so much discrimination and separation.We didn't know for a long time why that child had such negative feelings about having separate tables--now we get it.

My mom hosted Thanksgiving and it was so special.  My mom moved near us two years ago.

We originally had this table all set.

Then we realized we needed more place settings.

It would have been easier to just have some people sit in the kitchen.  Instead we took everything off and added another leaf and a larger tablecloth.

I will forever find a way of making the table as long as needed.

The things we learn in adoption.  

Now it's time to watch football.

And enjoy Christmas Vacation, while scouting ads for Black Friday shopping!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Time to buckle up for Christmas!

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Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

No judgement here! My husband is a better cook than I am, and my daughter a better baker. I'm okay with that. There are things I can do better, too. :)