Saturday, December 10, 2016

2016 Birthdays

Posting Mei Mei's birthday pictures reminded me that I did a terrible job this year celebrating birthdays on the blog.  In real life, there were good memories.  But I like to post them here so that when my kids grow up they can't accuse me of having so many kids that I just lumped them all together all the time and celebrated in one big let's-share-because-we're-a-big-family-with-so-many-kids-party.

Do you think they will mind sharing a big birthday party on the blog?

Actually, I did post for Vu and James.  Do you think that makes them my favorite children this year? Maybe. Note to my other children--keep trying and maybe you can become a favorite child too. Ha!

Let's start with these two.  They have always been two peas in a pod!

I don't even have a photo of Kim's birthday. That must make her feel extra loved.  But I do have an excuse--I think we were too busy with all of this!

Kim, you are precious beyond words.  I love your innocent and emotional heart, your laughter, spirit, and love.  It has been a true joy watching you become a wife and mother this year.

Paul -- how I love this boy/man.

Somehow you grew up when I looked away.  My sweet little boopity-bop!  I love your kindness, your easy-going nature and wry sense of humor.  You make me laugh and your smile makes the world a brighter place.  You are loved!

Paul had a family birthday followed by a golf game.  I think I may have mentioned a time or twenty that he adores golf.  And he has another love too.  A definite sweetie.

Lizzy.  Our first little girl and one that lights up our lives with her zest, creativity, curiosity, and compassion.

We celebrated Lizzy with lunch out.  Lizzy works as a nurse in the NICU, she loves kids, and has an awesome boyfriend. She's all grown up, but will always be my little girl.  Love you to the moon and back Lizzy!

And then there's my Willsy-Boy.

You might live far away but you're never far from my heart.  Your birth brought such sweetness into the world.  I love your unique combination of the right and left brain--innovation and intelligence, mixed with a loving heart and great sense of humor.  You are such a good daddy and we adore beautiful Cookie.  Can't wait to see you and those beautiful grandbabies soon!

And then there's these two.  They formed a close bond early on, then they drove each other nuts for a while, and now they're becoming close again.  In some ways their personalities are similar.

Patrick has always been my MORE boy.  More of everything!  I really need to post sometime on parenting "more" kids.  But let's stay with the birthday fun factor.

Patrick, I love your sense of humor, intelligence, leadership, and kind heart.  Your passion for music and sports shine.  It is so much fun to finally have a band geek in the family.  I'll always remember this year as the one where you realized you actually DO like kids--to the point you now want to become a pediatrician.

Patrick's birthday was a little lacking this year.  Check out the cake.

But he didn't seem to mind.  Especially when he opened his presents which included a new trumpet! He was so happy he actually cried!

Lan Lan.  You are one of the bravest people I know. I love your sense of humor, determination, and creativity.  You have such a loving heart.

We had planned to celebrate Lan Lan's birthday with a trip to the rose garden.  Instead, someone special arrived! These two now share a birthday!

One of Lan Lan's dreams came true when she went with friends to a local fashion show.  Afterwards, they went to James' restaurant for dessert.

I feel grateful beyond words to be able to parent all these beautiful humans.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

We could have missed this. 

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