Monday, December 19, 2016

Citizenship Fee Increase

Wanna know how to make $600 in 2 hours?  I know what you're thinking you pervs!  What I'm talking about is legit!

And really, it's about saving money--which is kinda like making money, right?!

In case you're an adoptive family living under a rock, the new fees for citizenship (or in our case, changing names on Certificate of Citizenship documents) is increasing like crazy!  They are increasing between $200-550.  The fee increase goes up SOON--December 23.

Nothing like procrastination, although honestly, for several years it was believed that a US passport was proof enough of citizenship, even with a name change.  And it should be, because the COC is required for issue.  But with recent political happenings, and stories of colleges and military not accepting this, there has been a push to make sure the COC is redone to match a name change--or even year of birth change.  (A name change often occurs when the child is originally adopted in their birth country, but their name is changed upon readoption in the US.)

You can read more about it here.    It was SUPER easy to fill out the form (though I did ask our adoption agency a couple questions).  It literally took only minutes.  It was standing in the line at the post office that took forever.  Oh, and finding Mei Mei's original COC (yikes--I hate it when something is not in the file where it is supposed to be!).

It was SO SCARY to send off THREE of my kids' current COCs (I kept photocopies).  But the whole packet is now safely with USCIS (thank you tracking systems).

So if you are looking for one last creative Christmas gift--you only have a few more days!

Here's Vu just a short time after he came home.  So little and full of zest!  Love him (and his cargo) so much!

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