Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Speaking Of Gifts--Mei Mei

Speaking of gifts -- this girl!  She adds so much LIFE and joy to each and every day.  She loves to try anything and do everything.  Her outlook on life is always positive; her smile lights up our lives.  She adored her 12th birthday party where she received a phone and a trip to Disney on Ice with her besties.

I wish I could have seen the future five years ago when we had just met Mei Mei.  She had significant delays, but we knew she was ours and we started the uphill climb.

She has come so far.  And we have come farther.  She loves sports, babies, travel, adventure, and family.

She has learned to enjoy hugs and finally, FINALLY after all these years she is truly attaching to me. It was years of rejection and patience, reaching out, showing her safety, and never giving up.  It sometimes felt like one step forward and three back--but now it's the opposite.  She LOVES having a family!  She loves being loved!

We could have missed this!  

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