Saturday, January 14, 2017

Inappropriate. But funny.

Seeing that photo in my last post of Joe opening his dump truck brought back a hysterical memory about Patrick.

They both LOVED all things Tonka.  Patrick was an especially crazed fool about construction vehicles.  I am sure there are still many road workers who have nightmares about that woman in the 15-passenger van, driving through the construction zone again and again, pointing out every excavator and backhoe to the kid waving frantically in the carseat behind her.

Patrick (aka Bob the Builder) and Lizzy 
Celebrating Patrick's 2nd Birthday

Patrick was a late-talker, but when he started it seemed to be sentences.  In fact, by the time he was three he was part of a research project at the local children's hospital and he knew all 300 words on the list--except "trolley."  I am so sorry Mr. Roger's.  I failed.

Anyhoo, although Patrick had a huge vocabulary, he mispronounced certain letters.  And let's just say his older brothers had quite their laughs about certain words (who am I kidding--I distinctly remember his father and Uncles too).

Life was never boring with so many older brothers

Patrick especially LOVED dump trucks.  The problem was, when he said "dump" it sounded like "dumb" and when he said "trucks" well . . . he would substitute an "f" for the "tr."  His brothers would have Patrick tell everyone how much he liked dump trucks!  But of course it sounded like something else.  Patrick would get all excited and say, "I LOVE dumb  _ucks!"

And that is your laugh of the day!  You're welcome.

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