Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Lots of celebrations going on at the CrazyForKids house.

First, Happy Birthday to our little girl!  You might be 20 now, but you will always be our baby!  You are full of life and joy, sweet and spicy!, always ready for adventure and fun.  I love spending time with you and your sweet family and look forward to a lifetime of crazy times together!

Kim's birthday was on Superbowl Sunday!  It included lunch at a fav--Red Robin, and then presents at our house.  Baby K got fussy so Kim headed home and we forgot the cake, but no worries! Facetime is a wonderful thing!  We lit the candles and had several willing participants blow them out. Fun times!  We later delivered dessert to her door.

Then we watched my husband coach the Falcons.  Can you spell doppelganger?

Somehow Coach Quinn/Hubby made it home before the game was over for photos--maybe that's how they lost?  Funny how girls and boys do photos differently.

In other celebratory news there was Chinese/Vietnamese New Year.  Always fun!  We went to a celebration downtown and baby K LOVED the lion dance.  We ate too much, found green tea Pocky Sticks, and practiced calligraphy.

 We also had good times at home with lots of Chinese and Vietnamese take-out and then games.

Hubby made his traditional giant Valentine's Day cookies.  Baby K REALLY enjoyed his first, and a box was sent to Sweetpea and Baby B.  Oh my!  They are growing up fast!

February has included ever more basketball games, Patrick had a solo in the jazz festival, Lan Lan went to Winter Formal with friends, and we took advantage of a rare sunny day with a trip to the zoo

Is it any wonder that today I am having a mental health day, and I'm staying home blogging!!!

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