Monday, December 12, 2016

Mall Cops in DC!

Remember the movie Mall Cop?  That Segway has always enticed me and I finally got my chance on a recent trip to Washington DC!  It was awesome!!!

Hubby had a business event for a non-profit, and while he was working, Patrick, Paul and I took in the sights!  An added bonus was that Will was able to join us for a day!  Will even spent the night--memories of cramming five people into a hotel room, leaving Patrick on the floor.  Some things never change.  Good times!

We used to live in the area a lifetime ago when Hubby worked for the White House.  I love this city! It has definitely changed into an upwardly-mobile hub.  The weather was gorgeous, especially considering it was November! Patrick loves history, so he was in his element, whereas Paul survived another family adventure. The Smithsonians are always amazing, and I was especially moved by the Holocaust and African American History Museum.  Emotional.

One very special evening was spent at the Korean Ambassador's home.

I heart DC.  Can't wait to return again.  And yes, I will do the Segway tour again, because now I'm a pro!  

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To China and Back said...

How exciting! I love the way kids in big families don't even question comfort when crammed into a hotel room. And taking the back elevator in shifts so no one realizes how many people are actually staying in the room!!