Friday, March 10, 2017

Birthday Surprise!

Lizzy's boyfriend, KO, organized a surprise birthday party for Lizzy.  What fun!

It was a special week because Lizzy also received an award for her work in the NICU with the preemie babies and their families.

Lizzy, we love having you in our family! I admire your compassion, creativity, work ethic, honesty, and sense of humor.  You are always up for an adventure and make every day fun!  We miss having you live close, but cherish the days we get together.

Love you to the moon and back!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Throwing Candy--With Both Hands

This has been my view this week:

Sick, sick, sick!

I even missed a full week of work which never happens!  Maybe I should get a flu shot next year??? I'm a person who believes it's better to get the flu while young, to build up the immune system.  Not sure I still believe that!

I did read a fair amount, including the pile above.  I've read Spy the Lie before and it's an extremely helpful book, especially if you work in the field of investigation or interview.  It comes in handy with teens too!

I love Maya Angelou and her book with Diego Rivera did not disappoint!  I will say there was some laughter when my fifteen-year-old son happened to walk up behind me as I was viewing a page with a nude woman.  "Mom!  What are you reading!??"

Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist was a sweet surprise.  I enjoy her writing, but I initially felt it was a book I had needed for my younger self.  I was wrong.

I especially loved her chapter on throwing candy--stopping in the midst of the lazerbeam focus of adult craziness to still find the joy and whimsical happiness in life.  Niequist shares the story of being at a lakehouse where the tradition was to throw candy at visiting kayakers "no matter what you're doing, you stop and throw candy . . . because it's fun, because it makes people happy."  She goes on to share how she had lost that part of her life.

In her younger years she would throw candy with glee.  And then she would throw it "as long as nothing else was going on--as long as it didn't get in the way of being responsible."  And then she became the kind of person who made fun of people who threw candy because she was now a grown up with a grown up agenda of lists and responsibilities.  And she realized what a loss this all was. This grown up way of living, being too busy to find all the bits of joy in life.

Life can be hard.  I've learned that all too well.

Photo by Mei Mei--the sun was setting but the beautiful sky was in the east

A couple years ago while going through some incredibly tough circumstances, someone near and dear to me said she would be glad when I found my joy again.  I have.  Mostly.  I had always been a candy thrower, so you wouldn't think it would be difficult to find the lollipops and start flinging.  But life can be hard and sometimes the hard-edge lessons can throw us for such a loop that even in the good times we grasp the handrail for fear of the upcoming storm that's sure to come. Again.

It's harder to throw candy with one hand wrenching down on the handrail.  And it's harder to throw candy when scanning the horizon for a brewing storm.

But I WANT to throw candy despite what's going on.

And I'm not quite sure what it's going to look like, but for Lent I am going to throw a LOT of candy.

With both hands.