Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Be Fearless And Journey

 Every morning I come downstairs and make a pot of coffee.  I love grasping hold of my late mother-in-law's sugar bowl.  How many days did she do the same?  I usually pick a Destination mug, but today I needed some inspiration from the never-ending grey that has fogged my brain.  I reached in the back and pulled out this treasure from Kelly Rae Roberts.  Years ago I bought matching for each of my sisters, and today I thought of each precious sibling as I sipped my morning love and drank in fresh inspiration.    

Embrace Possibility ~ Wear More Skirts ~ Be Fearless ~ Surprise Yourself And Do The Things You Didn't Think You Could Do ~ Believe In Healing ~ Speak Of Your Gratitude ~ Ask Questions ~ Explore The Night Sky ~ Seek Joy ~ Take The Journey Back To Your Self ~ Be Quirky Be Yourself ~ Begin ~ Share Your Story ~ Dance In Your Livingroom ~ Acknowledge Your Talents ~ Surround Yourself With Beauty ~

Monday, April 24, 2017

Quite Possibly The Cutest Post Ever

Meet our newest family member, an adorable, playful, and very sweet kitten named Mojo.  We haven't had a cat for a loooong time, because of Patrick's asthma, but Patrick seems to have outgrown his allergies so we are now proud owners of this sweet little ball of fur.  

I've always considered myself more of a dog person, but Mojo has converted me, and I am now a full-fledged cat lover.  I even missed a day of work because I was worried he would be lonely in his new home.  Is there such a thing as bonding leave with pets?  And does this question put me on the trajectory for becoming a crazy cat lady???

Saturday, April 22, 2017

He Is Risen Indeed!

Easter is the promise of new beginnings and new hope.  Ours was especially meaningful this year because Mei Mei was baptized in a beautiful candlelit Easter Eve service, followed by Easter brunch the next morning.  Happy Easter!  The Lord is risen indeed!

Congratulations Mei Mei on officially becoming a member of our family of faith.  You are surrounded by love, and always will be.  You have such a precious heart for God and goodness. The priest was right when she said you are one of the most joy-filled people to ever be baptized. We are blessed to have you in our family and WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!  

Friday, April 14, 2017

Grief and Good Friday

After returning from California I experienced exhaustion and the blues.  At first I thought it was just getting back in the groove after too little sleep and so much excitement.  Later, I thought it was probably just returning to the real life of work, school, and catch-up.  I mean, really, it's not fun to come home to filing taxes (hello procrastination!) and homeschool (was Brutus a betrayer or a patriot when he killed Julius Caesar?).

But as the days wore on I knew it was something more.  Something I couldn't put my fingers on.  As I was looking through old photo albums I kept coming across the same images that had popped into my mind in California.

Joe at Disneyland.  Joe at the White House.  Joe laughing with siblings.

Our visit to Reagan's Library brought back so many memories.  It was fun to see the youngest kiddos in front of the Presidential helicopter that we used to watch take-off from the White House lawn.

Hubby worked at the White House so we had some awesome privileges.  Back then they allowed a lot more access so we were allowed to be up-close-and-personal, and being two kids from the sticks we were awed by it all.  As well we should have been.  Many special and very cool memories.

There are certain parts of Disney that can only flash back.

Grief's claws come out and rip unexpectedly.

Vacations will never be the same.  Life will never be the same.  We are missing a piece to our puzzle, which makes the whole scene look incomplete.  And the only way to walk through grief is to acknowledge it, allow it to be, and keep walking through it.

Just before we went to California I had been cleaning the bookshelf in the boys' bedroom.  Sigh. There are so many I will keep forever simply because they were Joe's favorites.  We don't have a lot of Joe's things.  He had moved out before we lost him and he was a non-materialistic kind of guy. Most of what we have are his toys and books from childhood.  Joe was this unusual combination of high intelligence, athlete, yet kid-at-heart.  He played with toys forever!  His favorites: Transformers, Beast Wars, Star Wars, Nerf, Matchbox, and made-up-games with baseball cards.  He also loved to read, especially non-fiction, science fiction, adventure, and books with animals.

Some of his belongings had been packed away for safekeeping.  I decided it's time to bring them out. Let's enjoy them, not hide them away.

It's Good Friday. I can understand a bit of what Mary felt.

But Easter is coming.  New life. New hope.  New memories mixing with the old, bringing thankfulness for all that we had together, in the short time we shared.

Until we meet again.  Thank you Jesus.

Friday, April 7, 2017

California Life!

Someone was in her element!

This is about all I saw of my older kids--they love the big rides!

Big crowds, long lines, broken rides (including waiting 90 minutes for the raft ride which broke 30 seconds in!), but many happy memories.

At least for most of us.  Patrick got food poisoning and was violently ill.  My Mickey ears off to all the Disney employees at the first aid who helped him!  He was so sick he couldn't walk, so they helped us get him to the car.  If Patrick has an aversion to Disney for the rest of his life, we will all know why!

It took him three days to recover!

Before Patrick's demise we went to Ronald Reagan's Library.  Super cool!  Each child wanted their photo behind the podium.

Wish we could have had those options for President!

Swimming and beach time too--the sunset was amazing!

Afterwards we went to a mall, and our last day we met up with a very special friend and hit a glow-in-the-dark indoor fun arena.

California.  Oh how I love thee!