Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Be Fearless And Journey

 Every morning I come downstairs and make a pot of coffee.  I love grasping hold of my mother-in-law's sugar bowl.  How many days did she do the same?  I usually pick a Destination mug, but today I needed some inspiration from the never-ending grey that has fogged my brain.  I reached in the back and pulled out this treasure from Kelly Rae Roberts.  Years ago I bought matching for each of my sisters, and today I thought of each precious sibling as I sipped my morning love and drank in fresh inspiration.    

Embrace Possibility ~ Wear More Skirts ~ Be Fearless ~ Surprise Yourself And Do The Things You Didn't Think You Could Do ~ Believe In Healing ~ Speak Of Your Gratitude ~ Ask Questions ~ Explore The Night Sky ~ Seek Joy ~ Take The Journey Back To Your Self ~ Be Quirky Be Yourself ~ Begin ~ Share Your Story ~ Dance In Your Livingroom ~ Acknowledge Your Talents ~ Surround Yourself With Beauty ~

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