Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Healing Trauma With Photos

We are coming off a GREAT spring break.  It's so hard to get back in the groove, but I'm ignoring my other responsibilities and downloading photos.  Believe me, you'll get the full-meal-deal, and not because I want to show-off the fact we found SUN, but because my blog is our family photo history when I turn it into a book at the end of the year.

Photos are important for any child, but particularly for kids healing from trauma and learning to attach.  They spark all the good memories of family and create a sense of belonging.  Some of my earliest memories were kept alive by photos--I really can remember these days in particular even though I was quite young. Oh the simple pleasures of hanging out with my big sister, especially at my grandparents' cattle ranch.  It's  probably no surprise that my sister is holding the cat (animal lover) and I'm holding dolls (baby lover from day one).

Years ago, when Mei Mei first joined our family she LOVED to look at our photo albums, but she would also cry that she wasn't in them.  I went so far as to glue her photo in a few so we could pretend she was there! She could see all she had missed out on and the comparison to her previous life was stark--so photo albums can create loss too.  But over the years, as the new albums have been made, my older adoptees look forward to seeing their own faces among the pages.  It keeps their memories alive and the hard times begin to fade.

It took three different flights to accommodate various schedules, but we gathered as many kids as we could to visit my baby sister Trisha, and the happiest place on earth (it would have been happier with ALL my kids, but I'm learning this is how the future will be, even if I don't like it).

Lots more photos to share soon!

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