Friday, April 7, 2017

California Life!

Someone was in her element!

This is about all I saw of my older kids--they love the big rides!

Big crowds, long lines, broken rides (including waiting 90 minutes for the raft ride which broke 30 seconds in!), but many happy memories.

At least for most of us.  Patrick got food poisoning and was violently ill.  My Mickey ears off to all the Disney employees at the first aid who helped him!  He was so sick he couldn't walk, so they helped us get him to the car.  If Patrick has an aversion to Disney for the rest of his life, we will all know why!

It took him three days to recover!

Before Patrick's demise we went to Ronald Reagan's Library.  Super cool!  Each child wanted their photo behind the podium.

Wish we could have had those options for President!

Swimming and beach time too--the sunset was amazing!

Afterwards we went to a mall, and our last day we met up with a very special friend and hit a glow-in-the-dark indoor fun arena.

California.  Oh how I love thee!

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