Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Know The End Is Near

I know the end of the school year is near when every square of the calendar is filled with activities. I mean, it's May, right???  And technically that would mean the school year is nearly over, except that due to snow days our kids go until June 23.  Yes, that is right.  Almost July.  Lord help me!  I will survive!

In the meantime, our days have been filled with many concerts, sporting events, presentations, science experiments and more!

Vu had multiple choir concerts and a huge presentation to end 8th grade.  So proud of this kid who has such determination and talent!

 Mei Mei and Patrick also had band concerts and the traditional ice cream afterwards.

Mei Mei has been busy with lots of activities:  

If I was a smart mom I would have kept every single science experiment my children have ever completed, and then SOLD them to other moms saving them from many late night races to the store for poster board.  I would be RICH!!

Mei Mei also went to Outdoor School.  She was so worried about it, but in the end loved it!  She also has a new haircut, with the idea coming from the Disney show "Andi Mack."

Patrick finished up track and field and went to Districts.  Yes, he gets his speed from me.  Ha!  We did enjoy running a 5K together--my first!

Little KJ cheered us on!  

Lan Lan was inducted into the National Honor Society.  This child has so much tenacity and a desire to learn.  Despite having dyslexia and auditory processing challenges, she works hard, stresses herself out, and ultimately succeeds.  

Lan Lan also applied and interviewed for the Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador Program, a mentor program for high school students who want to go into fashion.  She was just a wee bit excited when she received her acceptance!  

Last week we went to see our beloved Beavers.  Their baseball team is AWESOME!  A very fun night followed by a weekend birthday party for my dad.  

Paul went to Districts in golf.  He was so disappointed he didn't make State.  He loves, loves golf. Who knows?  Maybe he will play in college.

He also went to prom with his girlfriend.  They looked adorable and had a wonderful time.  And here is your tip of the day--buy a tux on Amazon (tie and cummerbund too), because it's cheaper than renting.  

My little boy is growing up.  How exactly did that happen?  He graduates next week, which reminds me that I still need to finish his poem.  Do you remember that I write a poem for each of my kids when they graduate?  Yeah, well, I almost forgot.  Or maybe it was me trying to forget because my creative brain no longer functions.  

At this point I'm thinking something like:

P = Patient
A = Awesome
U = Unique
L = Loving

What do you think?  Would I be the lamest mother ever?  What a hoot!  By the time I get to Mei Mei it might just be a one word poem. 

More fun stuff coming up.  I'll check back in soon!  

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Tracy said...

Love the science board idea. Wish I'd thought if it! 😁