Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cookie Monster Loves Cookies! But . . .

Cookie Monster loves cookies, but maybe not cake!

It was KJ's 1st birthday and we had a blast inviting a bunch of friends over for a bar-be-que.

Our gift to KJ is one we can also enjoy--a sandbox for OUR house!  At first he wasn't so sure, but soon he realized this is going to be tons of fun.

Lizzy made the awesome cakes including one for the "cake smash."  Do you all know about cake smashes?  I apparently live under a rock and it wasn't until Sweetpea had her 1st birthday that I was enlightened by my daughter-in-love.

Anyhoo, I don't think KJ thought too much of his.  It didn't start out well:

But then he gained some interest.

In the end, the singing and the sticky fingers were just too much!

Happy Birthday KJ!  I adore watching you grow and change.  I love doing things together, like going for a walk with Great Grandmother and hearing you say the word "stick" for the first time.

We are thankful to have you in our lives and we love you so much!!!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Best Medicine

The best medicine is a best friend.  It was SO MUCH fun to have one of my besties come to town, and it was just what I needed to get out of stress mode.  We explored the Japanese and rose gardens, Saturday Market, and a new, very yummy Hawaiian ice place.  We went to an historic old house and took a selfie in the "sewing room," --we both love to sew!  My friend is a very talented artist and craft teacher at a Waldorf school.  How cool is that?  She tried to teach me to knit.  Again.  And I think we have both finally given up!  I will stick with sewing!  Finally, we went to see the Israeli film The Wedding Plan, which was awesome!  Believe in your dreams.  I feel so cultured after going to a foreign film.  What a gift to start the summer hanging out with a precious friend.  

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I Might Just Sleep All Of July

This was me by the end of June:

Yes, it required a 911 call to my therapist!  Work has been incredibly busy and emotionally exhausting this year, and the end of school always saps the last of any, anything.  But there was lots and lots of good stuff too.

Paul had his senior project, which didn't turn out like he hoped, but hey, it's DONE!  I chaperoned the all-night grad party--feeling 18 again because I stayed up all night long! Bam!  We also had a fun grad party at home with lots of awesome people.  Paul, you are very loved!

The kids each wanted their photo with Paul.

There were more end-of-the-year projects, including a speech on this bad-boy, Hideki Tojo.  Mei Mei was thrilled to get a grade of "exceeds."  

And Vu made a scaled diagram of the planets.  Wow!  I never knew space was so HUGE!  I could not get a smile from Vu.  His face reflects his feelings about a big project the last week of school.  He is ready for summer and was one happy camper at 8th grade graduation.  Vu received the "Spark Plug Award" for his ability to "spark up a room, basketball court, or fieldtrip, with his natural charm, good nature, and insight."  Perfect.

Patrick had one final parade downtown.  See him?  Right on the end?  No worries, I didn't see him either!  He also received his letter for marching band and won an award.  It's very unusual for a freshman to receive an award.  I almost DIED when I found out what it was for--BIGGEST FLIRT! Lord help me me find an all boys school ASAP!  

I have been helping Patrick work at a concession stand to earn money for next year's band trip to Hawaii.  I may just have to tag along so I can monitor the flirting!  On a positive note, I now have my mandatory liquor license to serve beer at the games -- good in case I decide to change careers--or need to serve myself!

Mei Mei was absolutely thrilled to finally participate in the 6th grade luau and "clap out."  She's watched lots of older siblings and now it was her turn.  A great ending to elementary school.  We started this gig 29 years ago, now no more littles.  Sob.  And cheer.

A now for something that will make you laugh your butt off.  I encourage my kids to write a thank you note to their teachers.  I'm not quite sure this teacher will feel the love; I have left off names to protect the innocent.

Now it's summer.  SUMMER!!!  SUMMER!!! 

I'm happy to report I look a little different now that summer is here.


Monday, July 3, 2017

Paul Sang Joong

Speaking of Paul, I know you have all been losing sleep over whether or not I would come through with his graduation poem.  You can sleep easy tonight knowing it was completed just in time!

Sang Joong is Paul's Korean name.  It means a song on the summit of a mountain.  He was named after a famous, talented, and very handsome, Korean movie star.


Sable with cream,
Milk and honey,
Red balloons and blissful slumber.
Peace, Light, Love.
Sang Joong.

Hoops and dreams,
Grins and giggles,
Bright confetti and kindred joy.
Peace, Light, Love.
Appa Eomma.

River of calm,
Strong and bright,
Blue canoes and par on greens.
Peace, Light, Love.
I Love You.