Sunday, July 2, 2017

Celebrating Paul!

Happy Birthday to this awesome guy!

Yes, we made a cake out of an ice cream sandwich!  For his birthday he coordinated a sleepover in tents in the backyard.  There was a "girls tent" and a "boys tent," but as it turned out, they all ended up sleeping on couches in the house!  They bar-be-qued, made s'mores around the fire, and just enjoyed a special night together.  Good times.  

It really was only yesterday that Paul was celebrating every birthday at my parents' cabin.  

It's been a big month for him with all the fan-fare of graduation.

It was such a great ceremony.  Patrick played in the band and we cheered from the stands.

Mr D. is a favorite teacher, he is funny, compassionate, and a great story teller.  I loved his speech at graduation, which included five important keys: 1.) Take the risk  2.) Never doubt the value of yourself  3.) Don't keep toothpaste and Preparation H in the same drawer  4.)  Don't hold grudges  5.) Follow your passions.  

Good advice!  Very proud of my sweet, funny, intelligent Paul, and I can't wait to see where life takes him!  He was admitted to OSU, but I think he's planning to stay closer to home and attend community college, focusing on business.  And golf.

                                                                     Congrats Paul!!!

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