Friday, July 28, 2017

On Pointe Collection

When Lan Lan was in Arizona, our friend, April, gifted her with additions to her special collection.

It's meaningful to gather special treasures.  I collect marbles, coffee mugs, and small glass boxes from journeys abroad.  And, according to one of my children with a dry sense of humor, I would also have to add "children" to that list.


But Lan Lan?  Her collection is truly unique, beautiful, and inspirational.

Here's a sampling.  See for yourself.

Lan Lan has always dreamed of becoming a dancer.  When she was a little girl in China, one of her classmates took ballet lessons.  Lan Lan could only dream of such a thing, and those wishes were shredded one day when the girl cruelly told Lan Lan she would never get to take ballet because she didn't have a mommy and daddy.

If she could only see Lan Lan now!  (Truthfully, the mama bear in me would like to hunt that mean girl down, shove some photos in her face, and show her how wrong she was!)

With a much more loving thought, look carefully at the last photo.  Another friend of Lan Lan's, who danced with her in the China Journey of Hope video, is now one of her best friends, living nearby, and taking lessons at the same ballet studio.  They dance together again! How cool is that?  I love the way God weaves the tapestry of our lives together!

Dreams do come true!

And speaking of dreams, I realize I never posted the photos from seeing Swan Lake.  It was amazing!

Yes, dreams really do come true!

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