Monday, July 3, 2017

Paul Sang Joong

Speaking of Paul, I know you have all been losing sleep over whether or not I would come through with his graduation poem.  You can sleep easy tonight knowing it was completed just in time!

Sang Joong is Paul's Korean name.  It means a song on the summit of a mountain.  He was named after a famous, talented, and very handsome, Korean movie star.


Sable with cream,
Milk and honey,
Red balloons and blissful slumber.
Peace, Light, Love.
Sang Joong.

Hoops and dreams,
Grins and giggles,
Bright confetti and kindred joy.
Peace, Light, Love.
Appa Eomma.

River of calm,
Strong and bright,
Blue canoes and par on greens.
Peace, Light, Love.
I Love You.

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