Friday, February 23, 2018

Break A Leg Mei Mei!

Mei Mei loves basketball and she's developed into a solid player, but basketball is only a few weeks in the winter.  

We've been looking for another extra-curricular activity for Mei Mei and found it!  She performed in the musical Peter Pan, playing a lost boy and pirate.  It was a joy watching her laugh and perform, she learned all the songs and dances, and she even had a speaking part.  

I LOVE that the directors gave her a speaking part, even though she has significant articulation challenges.  They were very clever in having Mei Mei's character say something to another pirate, and then he would say, "Seriously???  You're telling me ___ ?!" going on to repeat what Mei Mei had just said.  

To adoptive parents everywhere, if your child arrives home with significant delays, don't let the prediction of professionals mar your belief in what your child is capable of.  I've been guilty of it myself, and yet Mei Mei continues to grow and develop beyond anyone's expectations.  She makes friends easily and simply loves being part of the group and our family.  She works hard in school, has great organization and executive function skills, and is my right-hand when it comes to technology.  She's great with kids and has a heart of gold.  

We love you Mei Mei, and can't wait to see you blossom in your newfound love of drama.  Break a leg!   

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