Saturday, February 24, 2018

Speaking of Breaking a Leg . . .

Patrick really DID break his leg.

It happened during basketball practice.  We had multiple coaches calling multiple numbers to tell us Patrick had injured himself, and of course that was the night neither parent was paying attention to their cell phone!

Once we got him home we decided yes, he needed a trip to the emergency room.

But it wasn't broken.  Just a bad sprain.

Except that a week later it was still really hurting and Patrick still wanted his crutches.  We may or may not have told Patrick he needed to quit babying it.  Finally, Dr. CrazyForKids decided the diagnosis of a sprain was wrong, and that in fact it was probably broken.  After a trip to our beloved pediatrician, Dr. R. agreed.  And because she thought it was a break on the growth plate, Patrick went to see a specialist.

Yes, it was a break which had been hard to see on the x-ray.  Luckily, Patrick's growth plate had already closed.  But sadly, it meant he missed most of basketball season.

Note to Patrick: If you are going to break you leg, do it at the end of basketball season.  No wait, that would mean it would be broken during track.  Okay, so do it at the end of track.  Except that might cut into marching band.

How about if you just don't break your leg anymore, okay?

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