Sunday, March 11, 2018

What Do You Feed All Those Kids? Honey Garlic Salmon

A new recipe my kids LOVE! 

Honey Garlic Salmon

4 Tablespoons honey
2 Tablespoons soy sauce
1 Tablespoon white vinegar
2 Cloves garlic
Salmon fillet

Pat salmon dry and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Whisk sauce ingredients.  Put some olive oil in frying pan over medium-high heat, cook the skin side of the salmon first for about 7 minutes, then turn over and cook about 4 minutes.  Pour sauce over salmon and cook for another 2 minutes or until done (salmon should still be darker pink inside--don't cook too much).  Remove skin, place onto serving plate, cover with sauce, add sesame seeds and chopped chives if desired.  Eat and enjoy!  

My kids scarfed this down so quick this was the only picture I could get!  

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