Friday, March 9, 2018

You Are Never Too Old!

This year I turned 50-something.  Sometimes I can't even keep track of my age, because I truly don't feel that "old."  We celebrated at my sister's cabin in full fiesta style, and it felt right this year to celebrate, because I know Joe would have wanted joy to continue.  

My sister does everything BIG and FUN and my birthday was no exception.  It even included a margarita machine!  Nothing like teaching teenagers how to fix alcoholic drinks!  But hey, our tiny piece of Spanish heritage from my grandmother needs to come out somehow!

Some people, probably even most people, think that by the time you are 50 your career path is set.  NOT TRUE!  Maybe because I didn't even get my bachelor's degree until I was in my 40s, and especially because of all the "older adults" I saw pursuing advanced degrees, I believe there is added benefit in reaching for dreams at any age.  Never give up on your dreams.

I thought I was in a career that would take me to retirement.  I love my current job working with foster and adoptive families.  But last summer, during our time in Seattle, it really hit me that I'm not fully utilizing all my therapeutic skills in helping children who have experienced trauma.  And so I'm not changing careers, but moving in a direction with a different focus.  It feels exciting.  It feels challenging.

It feels right.

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