Wednesday, June 20, 2018


It's SUMMER!  Glorious summer!  And since Vu is still in recovery mode we have decided to just have a long, relaxing staycation year.

Except that "relaxing" doesn't go well with this:

Yes, a new puppy!  This is what happens when a child who has wanted a puppy forever has a scary crisis.  Leia (as in Star Wars) has taken up residence in our hearts and home -- although those 2 am wake-up calls are not so much fun!

I have to admit I am truly getting OLD to be adding THREE animals to our house this year!  I'll probably be dressing them up in outfits soon and need a pet stroller too!

Here's another part to our staycation:

I do not see anywhere on the box where it says "easy to assemble."  And since those words usually mean "start crying now" I can only imagine the time it's going to take to get this baby up and running.

Hopefully by September.  On a positive note, I DO know where I can find a one-day-trained lifeguard!  Stay tuned ....

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