Tuesday, June 19, 2018

When The Lifeguard Needs A Lifeguard

Soooo summer is a few days in and already eventful.

Patrick started his first day of Lifeguard training.  He was really excited and looking forward to finding a summer job as a lifeguard.

I dropped him off and took Mei Mei to speech 30 minutes away.

An hour later I  checked my phone and saw urgent texts and voice mails saying Patrick was having an asthma attack, EMS had been called, and he was on his way to the emergency room.


It's been years since Patrick has had a full blown asthma attack, and he hadn't thought to bring his inhaler.  Patrick gave the other trainees quite the show with wheezing, chest pain, vomiting, and then being taken away in the ambulance.

When I arrived at the emergency room he was already smiling and ready to go home.  I asked him if it was traumatic not having a parent there, and he said he had lots of really nice women helping him, so it didn't bother him at all!  (I wonder if one was named Wendy Peffercorn!)

He had been taken to the hospital directly from the pool, so this is all he had to wear when leaving -- he didn't even have flip-flops!

For some reason, I could not talk him into returning to training today.  Perhaps lifeguarding is not in his future after all.

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