Monday, July 9, 2018


My sweet baby is growing up!  Where did my little Boopity Bop go?  He's taking a gap year, which for all I know might become a gap decade, but he's happy and enjoying life, working at the bowling alley, and driving a sweet Charger.  You know your child is truly an adult when they drive up in a car that they purchased and financed all by themselves!  

It's been a year of discovery, moving out, moving on, moving back in.  I love seeing his sweet face around the dinner table and it was fun to spend his birthday lunch with Kim and K, then dinner with the whole family and his ever favorite lemon cake. 

He's golfing a lot more these days, so gifts revolved around his favorite sport.  And also around his favorite eats (McDonald's and Chipotle).  Hubby and I were out of town on his actual birthday, but Lizzy and her Beau stepped in to make sure he had a whole lotta fun!  I love how the big kids take care of each other -- even when they are, well, big!  

Happy Birthday Paul! I love you so much!  Have a FANTASTIC year!!!

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