Sunday, July 8, 2018

Grandkids! And The Reason Our Pool Is Still Sitting In The Garage

So, I know you've been lying awake at night wondering if I've put the pool up yet.


But before you get your panties-in-a-wad and tell me summer is half over, let me explain.  You see, I have this worry.  We are putting the pool on the basketball court for the summer.  Which is a good plan.  Except that I am slightly worried some crazy teen is going to get the bright idea that it would be fun to jump off the deck into the pool.

Which wouldn't really happen, right?  Because that would be very, very dangerous.  I don't know where I get these crazy thoughts! I know, I'm paranoid.  And then I phoned Will to confirm dates for a summer visit.  At the end of the conversation I told Will about our new pool and my freakish worry about the deck.  He paused.  Laughed. And then said, "You know Mom, we used to jump off Jesse's ROOF into his pool!"

A roof peoples!  As in a house roof!  It's a wonder the child is still alive!  Just preparing for future skills I guess!

Well, after that conversations I started biting my nails.  Surely not all my kids are that crazy?  After more consideration, I decided to just put my paranoia aside, move forward, and set up the pool the next day. 

Even though Hubby and I were going out of town.  And the teens were staying home alone. 

Luckily, I have a book group and they are ladies who make me laugh and stay sane, while also directing good life decisions. (Sidenote-- we even read and discuss the monthly book!  Shocker!) Well, when they heard my pool plans -- to put up a new pool, have a whole lotta fun for one week, and then expect the kids to abstain from the pool (and all other temptations including deck diving) while mom and dad are out of town --  well, you KNOW my smarty-pants reader friends talked me right out of that!

So . . . my teens are still alive, and we have just returned from a wonderful trip to visit two adorable grandkids and their awesome parents!

Pool set-up can now commence! Teens have been duly warned against any and all daredevil thoughts!

In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, photos of our trip!  What we like most when we visit are to just stay home, play, read books, make cookies, cuddle, and talk to the big kids.  Will and Cookie made us an amazing steak dinner, and we played Sweetpea's LOL Doll game.  We also went to a fun center for video, golf, and go-cart extravaganzas.

Thankful for our time together!  LOVE!!!

Also, just for the record, I am now completely spoiled.  Hubby travels non-stop in his job, so we got upgraded to first class.  Ahhh.  Spoiled for life!  They even gave us food and free movies!

Have I ever mentioned that summer is my favorite time of year?

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